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Come here for latest movements in Doccler land, updates on the platform, the community, what we are up to and where we are going.

Annoncement: Android application in development

May 28, 2015 10:05AM, 8 comments

Just a quick one really, we've been busy getting Doccler in tip top condition ahead of the obvious next development for the platform...

We will be building an Android application, development is now in progress. The aim for the first release will be to allow you to update your journals quickly whilst on the move. We should get some more Docclerites too.

I will be posting progress updates here.



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The Science of Talking Computers

May 27, 2015 02:05PM, 1 comments

Maybe one day Doccler will speak to you..

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Long live the topic

April 10, 2014 08:04PM, 15 comments

Hello all,

We have decided to remove the community functionality from Doccler.. A bold move, but we have decided to focus on making Doccler a brilliant writing platform. 

The communities did provide us with lots of entertainment but we think it's the right decision. To help keep Doccler cohesive we have created a new topics page. 

Long live the topic!

Many thanks,


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Autopost with Facebook

April 04, 2014 09:04AM, 6 comments

Do you want to get more readers for your posts? 

Doccler now has the ability to auto post new posts directly to your Facebook wall for all your friends to read.

To enable the functionality simply do the following.

1 ) Link your account (only required if you didn't sign in with Facebook)

  • Go to your account settings page. 
  • Click Link to Facebook account
  • Sign in with Facebook and allow permissions (we will never post anything without your permission)

2 ) Enable auto posting

  • Tick Auto post to wall under Facebook settings

Let us know how you get on,


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February 03, 2014 08:02PM, 7 comments

Hello everybody,

Another good release for you good people. You can now like posts. That's right an entirely new action for you to throw around. Go, like and be happy.

If you like this post, click like. Simple. 

It's down at the bottom of this and every post.

Much love,


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Inline images

January 22, 2014 07:01PM, 4 comments

That's right folks, Doccler hq gives you a much awaited feature. Inline images!

Simply click the image icon when you creating a post (it sits next to the link icon). You can then upload an image and it will appear in your post.







Apologies for the dodgy snaps :)

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Sign in with Facebook today

January 20, 2014 10:01PM, 3 comments


The Doccler factory has been hard at work sculpting new features for you, the addict.

You can now sign in to Doccler using your Facebook account. Hopefully making things quicker and easier.

Existing accounts still work as normal, if you sign in with a Facebook account that was registered with your current e-mail address you will be able to link the accounts.

New users, great news, no need to activate your e-mail account. Sign up is less than a minute away.

Don't say we never treat you,


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